news on Korean ‘comfort women’


3/7/14: NEWS: Japan will not revise sex slavery apology

11/4/13 NEWS: Comfort Women Issue Remains Obstacle With Japan

10/20/13 NEWS: Korea to Japan: Time running out for ‘comfort women’ resolution

9/28/13 NEWS: WWII Comfort Women: the pain that time cannot heal

9/2/13 NEWS: First “Comfort Women” Run Marks Suffering by Sexual Slavery Victims

9/2/13 NEWS: Former Comfort Women Tells Uncomforting Story

7/26/13 NEWS: ‘Comfort Women’ Memorial Set Up in New York State

7/21/13 NEWS: Students to hold concert for ex-comfort women

7/16/13 NEWS: Former comfort woman visits memorial in Bergen County, N.J.

7/9/13 NEWS: Japanese nationalist protest of ‘comfort women’ sculpture fails,0,920922.story

5/14/13 NEWS: Osaka Mayor Says Sex Slaves Were ‘Necessary’

4/22/13 NEWS: Japanese Government Protests South Korea’s ‘comfort women’ Statue Outside Seoul embassy

3/19/13 NEWS: Misery of ‘comfort women’ depicted in Palisades Park

3/5/13 NEWS: Former Sex Slaves Sue Japanese Rockers Over Insult

2/6/13 NEWS: New York Street to Be Named for World War II Sex Slaves

12/10/12 NEWS: What It’s Like To Be a Comfort Woman

10/9/12 NEWS: Japan Must Stop Dodging Sex Slave Guilt, Kono Warns

3/6/12 NEWS: Time running out for Korean ‘comfort women’

4/24/08 NEWS: Korea’s ‘comfort women’: The Slaves’ Revolt

Demands of our halmonies:

1.Admit the drafting of the Japanese military’s “comfort women”
2.Apologize officially
3.Reveal truths about the war crimes
4.Erect memorial tablets for the victims
5.Pay restitution to the victims or their families directly from the government
6.Teach the truth in public schools, so the events are never again repeated
7.Punish the war criminals



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comfort women


2 responses to “news on Korean ‘comfort women’

    • I concur! Modern day slavery is growing viciously in Korea and around the world. We, as abolitionists, definitely need to take an active approach towards justice and freedom!

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