Korean Agencies


Non-governmental Organizations

LIGHT IN THE NIGHT PRAYER WALK is a NGO founded in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Light in the Night Prayer Walk is a humanitarian organization and ministry in pursuit of freedom and justice within the Korean communities around the world by seeking to eradicate the sex industry through holistic methods. Light in the Night Prayer Walk does weekly and monthly outreach and prayer walks in establishments of sex, mainly in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

HOPE BE RESTORED stands for “Helping the Oppressed and Prisoners of injustice Escape and Be Restored”. Hope Be Restored is a freedom and justice ministry of Onnuri English Ministry (OEM) that seeks to bring freedom for the oppressed and restoration to lives that have been effected by human trafficking in Korea and around the world.

DASI HAMKKE CENTER – Support Center for Victims/Survivors of Sex Trafficking
DASI HAMKKE Center is commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and supervised by the United Voice (Han Sori).

DUREBANG, also called “My Sister’s Place”, is a NGO. Durebang is trying to help women in prostitution with various backgrounds and different challenges, particularly those who were related with US soldiers whether voluntarily or compulsorily. For that purpose Durebang assisted and accompanied dozens of women who were forced and trapped in situations in which they are exploited and treated in slavish ways. Also Durebang is to give them a voice to express and inform about their troubles.

Korean Women’s Association United (KWAU)
Together with the KWAU affiliated organizations including Saewoomtuh for prostituted women, Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, Women Link, Korea Women’s Hot Line, Korean Differently-Abled Women’s United and United Voice (Hansori) for the eradication of Prostitution in Korea, KWAU has been preparing legal measures to prevent sex trafficking and prostitution, to punish the traffickers and to protect the victims of such trafficking and prostitutes who are confined, trafficked, and forced debt exposed continually.

Korean Women’s Hotline
The Korean Women’s Hot Line, as a women’s rights activist group, is protecting women’s rights from all kinds of violence and advancing women’s social positions as well as establishing gender equality in the spheres of family, work, and society.

Magdalena House
The Magdalena House is involved in operating shelters for victims of prostitution, and providing psychological counseling for victims of prostitution.

Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants in Seoul
The Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants in Seoul monitors the situation of sex establishments surrounding American military bases in Korea. Women are most commonly trafficked to South Korea from the Philippines and Russia, but they also are trafficked from other Central Asian countries and from European countries of the former Soviet Union.

Saewoomtuh is primarily concerned with improving the human rights of female prostitutes and their children who work in towns adjacent to American military bases, forming a community for female prostitutes and their children to live in safety and equality, reducing the number of criminals involved in promoting prostitution, eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence against women.

United Voice (Han-So-Ri) for the Eradication of Prostitution in Korea
United Voice is an NGO made up of a coalition of women’s groups across Korea which have joined together to work for the eradication of prostitution in Korea.


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