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NOTE from the Author:

“To my fellow Koreans: You can help STOP sex trafficking and sexual slavery by saying NO to massage parlors, NO to prostitution houses, NO to room salons, NO to hostess/host bars, and NO to call girls. Educate your children. Be mindful of your husbands and wives. Don’t turn a blind eye. Speak up for what is right and wrong.

Have the courage to say NO.

Have faith that God’s work can be done.

Be an example for natives, gyopos, and foreigners in Korea as well as the Korean communities around the world who have been victimized by sexual demons, customary indecencies, corporate entertainment, greed, and debauchery.

Let God’s light break this chain.”



14 responses to “About Me

  1. I have felt very sad as I have read how many girls and women are sold or drawn into sex trafficking. It made me realize we have so much work to do for women. Thanks for writing about this.

  2. Thank you for the like on my article about comfort women. If you have time, I have other articles about Korea and some of the issues she faces on my blog. 예수 이름으로,

  3. i’m glad that you are writing and talking about this! we all need to realize that this is a problem and we should all do our parts to help and speak on this matter!

  4. I was back in Korea for the first time in over 20 years. I was in Busan and saw a bunch of Filipino girls at the karaoke bars. I was told they were most likely trafficked in. It was terrible to see that. I’m glad you are doing something about it.

  5. Great reporting on trafficking in South Korea. How can I get more information on volunteering at Durebang? Also, I would love any opportunity to converse with you about your experiences and effort in the fight against sex trafficking and sexual slavery.

  6. Yes, actually. I’ll be there from June thru August. I’m working on sex trafficking project and would love to talk with you about your experiences before and during my trip to Seoul. Can we exchange contact informantion? Maybe emails or Kakaotalk IDs?

  7. Hey girl, though you write about a very sensitive subject that triggers all types of emotions in women including myself, I am very glad that you do. There are more people who chose to be ignorant and get involved in an industry that is clearing heading down a wrong-path for humanity and its’ mores.

    I read your article about English teachers in Hakwons and was going to comment, though the comments were closed. One of the reasons why I quit working as an English teacher was because I felt the system was failing and I felt bad accepting money.

    Keep doing what you know is right and changes will come. I support what you do.


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